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This holiday season, stand with British small businesses and consciously choose to shop directly with small business owners around the U.K.
Shop local by choosing beautiful products and services from our fast growing directory of lifestyle, travel, fashion and kids brands to gift your loved ones - and yourself- this Christmas!

For Travel Lovers

The Luxe On A Budget Club

Experience little moments of luxury from the minute you step onto the plane with our range of premium travel and lifestyle accessories and apparel. The Luxe On A Budget Club accessories are an elevated take on popular travel 'must-haves' items; featuring high-quality materials and designs to maximise comfort whilst preserving style. The Luxe Lounge and Travel Wear will see you from your bedside, all the way to the beachside. Race you to the airport in three, two, one!

The Luxe On A Budget Club 100% Organic Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Grabby Bag UK

Join the toiletry kit revolution as Grabby Bag deliver fast, affordable and high-quality toiletries direct to your door! There's no better way to get your essentials and care for yourself or your loved ones. No matter where you are, Grabby Bag has got you covered. Don't lug cumbersome toiletries around, click to order your own bag now. Perfect for airports, hotels, hospitals, gym and road trips.

Travel Eat Slay

Created to give travellers a relatable travel accessory. TravelEatSlay is not just a brand, it’s a movement. Today, the TravelEatSlay community has expanded to hosting day trips, events, local experiences and adventures. Uniting solo, like minded jetsetters, creators and explorers to create travel memories.

The Black Explorer Magazine

 A Black travel magazine, championing diversity in travel and media by amplifying the rich voices of the Black travel community. This is achieved by fairly commissioning and celebrating the diverse content — whether that be essays, memoirs, photography, poetry or illustration — of a diverse range of contributors, whose backgrounds/cultures span across the African diaspora, from London to Lagos, New York to Nairobi, Bali to Benin.

More Than Swim

More Than Swim was created to give bodies the glamour and individuality they deserve in the water. The small British production company create bespoke hand illustrated designs that you can’t find anywhere else as well as maintaining a small carbon footprint using eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practises.

For Women


The aim at Afrogarm is to create a prestige platform that helps to translate, showcase and empower African fashion and its creative designers worldwide. Although Afrogarm is African inspired, their target audience is a diversified one that includes every gender, age and ethnicity.

Modish London

Modish London are on a mission to find a way to give back and spread some positivity into the world! As a brand, they believe in not only enriching wardrobes but also your lives.

Razzel Tassel

Razzel Tassel is a contemporary accessories label for bold women. Each piece is experimental, daring and feminine. They believe finding unique accessories is key in letting your style stand out, allowing you to add colour to your outfits.

Bear Hug Goods

At team at Bear Hug Goods want you to not only look good, but to feel good with their empowering slogans sweatshirts and hoodies. Best of all, 10% from each sale is donated to Mind.

Miss Chii

Irrespective of body shape, once fitted with these skilfully designed silks, satins, tulle, chiffon and lace, every woman felt like a queen. No matter your taste, classic or contemporary, Miss Chii has created a second skin for every woman to be happy in. This is lingerie as it should be – soft, comfortable and created from the finest of fabrics.

Lo & Bold

Make a statement. Be bold with Lo & Bold. Their jewellery is for the elegant and decisive.

Jewelled Buddha

Jewelled Buddha champions handcrafted ethical fashion and homeware for the style conscious woman. The beautiful, ethically made wardrobe staples enable artisans to a live a life free from poverty as each and every product showcased is handmade by artisans empowered by a fair and sustainable income.


AM:PM London specialises in various shades of Nude heels. All designs are original, created with our customers in mind. AM:PM  focuses on deluxe details that instantly elevates any outfit. With comfort and style embedded in the unique designs, you can confidently glide in heels from AM to PM.

Sarah Boadu

The Sarah Boadu couture brand creates collection and bespoke pieces that are worn for weddings, red carpet events, proms, birthdays and any other occasion where a woman wants to look and feel her best. Celebrating the uniqueness of each women’s body shape, they have shunned high street sizes and all garments are made to order.

Bianca Miller

Bianca Miller London is a new hosiery brand which has been created to redefine ‘nude’ by catering to women of all complexions. Their range of nude tones have been carefully selected to satisfy complexions ranging from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African.

For Men

By Aaron Wallace

This is a company who are determined to build a brand that black men everywhere can be truly proud of. By Aaron Wallace are on a mission to champion and redefine the perception of black men world wide by inspire black men to look their best and exude confidence from the inside out.

Jesu Segun

Jesu Segun London is a luxury men's shoe brand which has earned a reputation for bold and luxurious designs fusing contemporary African colours and textures with traditional Italian craftsmanship. Each shoe is designed with meticulous attention to detail and handmade by experienced artisans to ensure unrivalled comfort, quality and aesthetic.

Hudsons of London

Hudsons of London offer a wide range of bespoke products sourced the finest materials and fabrics from the African continent to produce trendsetting menswear pieces with eye catching finishes.

Labrum London

Labrum London is a modern-day menswear brand telling the untold stories of West Africa to help bridge the gap between western and West African culture.
The word labrum is a Latin term for ‘having an edge’, and this sits at the heart of the brand’s mission – to make honest, practical clothing rooted in simplicity, fit and a passion for detail.


Grind City

Grind City is a streetwear & lifestyle brand, drawing inspiration from musical as well as sporting influences and is characterised by the belief of Hard Graft in order to attain a successful lifestyle. The brand is solely focused on providing youth street culture with a cutting-edge take on traditional streetwear and are dedicated to producing high quality pieces at an affordable price. 

For Kids

Little Omo

Little Omo is an independent brand, who are passionate about diversity in the education space throughout the early years of a child's life. Their mission is to contribute to cultivating an inclusive environment where children can learn and see themselves reflected throughout their entire childhood journey.

Mould And Behold

Mould and Behold provides a service that captures life’s most important milestones and brings forth the colourful memories of your family and loved ones. Seize moments of happiness and preserve them in delightful artwork memorabilia so the dainty little palms and feet remain the same for a lifetime


Getting your little one moving through play is good for all areas of their development, especially with motor skills development. Capikooa toys are designed to entertain and have fun with, enabling the child to play freely at the same time as encouraging imagination, creativity and movement and contributing to the development of your child.


The Little Blanket Shop

For years weighted blankets have been carefully used to help children with anxiety, ADHD and autism sleep better. The Little Blanket Shop want to help your child sleep better. They make high quality weighted blankets and covers in contemporary organic cotton prints that are paired with luxurious materials for beautiful children's covers.

Helpful Kids

Helpful Kids exists to support parents with a proven positive approach and confidence-boosting tools to get their children to help out around the home. By both, building your children's personal and social development skills and ensuring that tasks around the home get done through a fair system – their program for parents provides a unique opportunity to learn how to raise responsible children, in a positive and peaceful manner.

Not Only Pink And Blue

Welcome to the first online marketplace for children’s clothes, book and toys that challenges the tradition of dressing girls in pink and boys in blue. After all, there are 11 colours and over 10 million shades to choose from! As well as all the colours, you’ll also find inclusive books with diverse role models, and toys that feed imaginations and bring joy to our younger generation at Not Only Pink And Blue.

Dr Zigs

Welcome to the Extraordinary world of Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles! Dr Zigs is designed to give your child hours of fun and learning – something all parents want to provide for their kids. Their simple, but highly engineered Bubble Solution guarantees hours of enjoyment for your children to play and learn.

Biankha & Friends

Biankha and friends was created to empower, motivate and inspire, in particular, young girls of colour, to excel in the 21st century. Their mission is to educate and encourage young girls to embrace their culture and heritage, whilst succeeding in a modern and ever changing society, through dolls, role play, books, animation and everyday items.

Michael Harper

Michael Harper is an intergrated Graphic Designer who turned playtime doodling with his young son into an illustrated collection of African and Caribbean-inspired educational books and posters that foster creativity and self-recognition in art.

For Beauty Lovers

By Jess D

By Jess D create the most pigmented, high quality and long lasting products, work with handpicked manufacturers to do achieve their vision of a diverse, cruelty free beauty brand to disrupt the beauty industry.

Eloise Beauty

Eloise Beauty is a brand known for producing unique beauty tool and products which ultimately stands out from the crowd, with its jaw- dropping innovative designs. Their products are aesthetically pleasing, dressing table worthy and deliver impeccable results!

Brown Melanin Makeup

Pushing the envelope when it come to delivering long-lasting pigmented eyeshadow palettes and is a breeze for U.K. cult favourite Brown Melanin Makeup. Their gorgeous products are both purse-friendly and animal-friendly with a cruelty-free stamp of approval.

My Bridal Box

My Bridal Beauty Gift Box contains essential beauty and planning tools for the bride's big day! Everything a Bride to Be needs to feel prepared, confident, less stressed and beautiful! 

Telle Moi

'Tel Moi' can be translated to 'like me' in French. This forward-thinking beauty brand specialise in creating and stocking an inclusive range of nude nail polishes, nail lacquers and nail care products handcrafted to suit all skin tones.

Charlotte Mensah

Charlotte Mensah's award winning Manketti Oil hair care range is designed for afro/mixed and all curly hair types and it is made using organic, ethical and sustainable sourced oils. The products not only deliver amazing results but also smell divine.

For Pets

Luxury Dog Hampers

Luxury Dog Hampers is the Fortnum & Mason of the dog world. All their dog treats are sourced from local artisans and mostly British independent small businesses chosen because they make 100% natural goodies with no nasty additives, artificial flavours or colourings. Each hamper gift has been thoroughly tested by in house chief tester Bertie the Border Collie who personally gives the paws up. If he doesn't like something, it doesn't get included.

Cattitude Box

This unique cat gift box is stuffed with unfurgettable goodies from independent shops and artists. The team at Cattitude Box cherry-pick the best cat-themed products from cat jewellery to cat home décor, ensuring your cat feels like thoroughly adored.

For Virtual Entertainment

Manic Stage Productions

Manic is a full service entertainment company specialising in producing fabulous shows featuring professional performers. We are also well known for our expertise in providing fun inspirational, educational classes, workshops & courses in many aspects of performing arts and are now offering virtual live and pre-recorded entertainment!

The Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

Calling all chocoholics! Chocolate Ecstasy Tours is the original and only sweet gourmet food tour business in London with guaranteed small groups; where the founder is an internationally-recognised chocolate expert; and every guide is a judge for the Academy of Chocolate. The virtual Mystery Chocolate Tastings are a hit with different delicious chocolates every month, direct to your living room.

Little Surprises Company

Little Surprises delights adventurous Londoners with handpicked experiences that take them off of their beaten track to discover hidden gems & local, lovely businesses run by good eggs. The best thing - they can enjoy it from the comfort of their living room! We have some brilliant things on offer including art lessons, live comedy tickets, wine tasting, cooking lessons.


Email info@theluxeonabudgetclub.com to submit your business.