About Us

Luxury travel... on a budget. This oxymoronic term transforms into a heady cocktail of affordable luxury, adventure travel and sustainable ecotourism that propel our travel club members into stimulating cultural experiences amidst some of the most breathtaking backdrops around the world.

Who Are We

Founded by Dr Noreen Nguru, a UK based doctor, entrepreneur and lover of all things travel, The Luxe On A Budget Club ethos is simple: we connect hardworking professionals with extraordinary travel experiences - without the extraordinary price tags.

Our Mission

The Luxe On A Budget Club is a travel club primarily aimed at bringing diversity and representation to luxury travel by helping young Black and Ethnic Minority professionals aged 23 - 49 years access affordable luxury travel experiences around the world.

We welcome all races to join tours and push our pursuit for inclusivity!

Our Core Values

1) Affordable Luxury

2) Cultural Immersion

3) Sustainable Eco-Tourism



Dr Noreen Nguru Founder of The Luxe On A Budget Club

Dr Noreen Nguru, Founder and Host


Mudikani Kapfumvuti, Head of Creative

Mudikani K, Head of Creative

We’d love to hear from you!
Contact us at info@theluxeonabudgetclub.com