Featured Traveller Of The Month Is... Charlotte Haynes!

We highlight our most engaged and enterprising members each month! For our very first feature of 2021, we caught up with British-born Luxury Travel Blogger and Podcast Host Charlotte Haynes.

The Luxe On A Budget Club Featured Traveller


According to society I am 30, but to my knowledge I am forever 21


I have a 9 to 5 and thats as far as Ill go (Privacy is key).

My side hustle is blogging ( and podcasting (@HustleHotline).

Tell Us About Yourself!

I am a London based travel, beauty and lifestyle blogger with a 9-5 showing the world you can travel in luxury on a budget (even during a pandemic). Ive had my blog: Memoirs & Musings, for longer than I can remember and my take on life is debauchery and hedonism or as some would say enjoyment.

Like most millennials, I spend more time than I care to admit on social media and I am lucky enough to have turned this into a side-hustle over the past few years. 

Languages spoken: Memes, gifs and sheet masks

What is your travel style?

Affordable luxury on a budget, mainly solo, I like to dip in and out of place at my own pace, inhale all the food and most of allrelax.

What does travel mean to you?

Freedom. Escape. Rest.

The freedom to escape to pastures new, inhale the air of a foreign land and immerse myself, wind down and be still. Travel for me is therapy and I need it all year round.

Bucket-list travel plans or experiences?

The question is, where ISN’T on my bucket list? Currently Im on a quest to visit more of South-East Asia and Im keen to visit:

Thailand - The food, the cheap massages and I hear the island of Koh Samui is a dupe of the Maldives.

Seoul, Korea - Sheet-masks and Korean-fried chicken await me.

Osaka, Japan - I visited Tokyo in November 2019 and my love-affair with this country has just begun.

Why did you join The Luxe On A Budget Club community?

I was forced to. I joke, The Luxe On A Budget Club embodies everything I stand for - Luxury on a budget. Why pay more when you can spend less? Why spend your time off suffering when you can spend it in luxury?

BONUS - Tell us about the weirdest food youve ever eaten abroad OR share a funny travel anecdote!

I ate snake in Shanghai back in 2007 and yes it tastes like chicken.






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